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Fire Safety  
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Business Challenge

  • The customer is a well-known fuel transportation service provider, who was using legacy systems for managing their fuel logistics operations. The requirement was to coordinate orders from managed stations, handle various types of fuel, and simplify payments for drivers and consignors. This necessitated a comprehensive and integrated solution using a state-of-the-art ERP solution. To improve overall operating efficiency, the process required a robust system due to the complexities.
  • Specializing in fuel logistics and operating a network of managed stations in multiple cities and states. 
  • Handling a wide range of fuels, including gasoline, distillate (Clear & Dyed), kerosene, ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) (normal and winter) sourced from several terminals. Logistics include arranging deliveries, handling payments, and controlling a diversified fleet of vehicles.
  • Dedicated to offering its customers rapid, dependable, and cost-effective transportation solutions, the company employs a team of experienced logistics specialists committed to customer satisfaction.


  • An ERP system to manage customer specific fleet management, fuel logistics, driver management, sales forecasting, and reporting
  •  Integration of Google Maps into the ERP system to optimize route planning for fuel deliveries 
  • Faster order processing, automation of distance and pricing calculations, and increased efficiency in customer's operations.


  • To solve customer’s particular issues, we proposed an ERPNext Application including customisation according to their needs. 

    The ERP application consisted of several modules:

    • Fleet management entails tracking and controlling a variety of vehicles, such as tanker trucks and trailers, handling various kinds of fuel from numerous terminals, automated order processing, and efficient inventory management.
    • Driver Management: Setting up a complete system to determine driver remuneration depending on vehicle type, distance traveled, and additional load or delivery incentives.
    • Sales Forecasting: Creating accurate reports for transportation and managed stations to help with planning and decision-making.
    • Kanban Board: Our customer utilized a Kanban Board within the UI to assign Delivery Notes to Drivers via Drag and Drop. By implementing filters, we effectively sorted drivers based on availability for specific dates or those permitted to deliver to particular locations.
    • Google Maps integration: Google Maps is seamlessly integrated into the ERP system, optimizing route planning for gasoline deliveries and ensuring efficient logistics.
    • Shift Scheduling: Integration with driver profiles and availability data to efficiently allocate resources and comply with labor requirements.
    • Leave Management Module: Provides real-time visibility into employee leave balances, enabling correct workforce planning and reducing operational disruptions.
    • Geofencing: The integration of geofencing technology into the ERP system allows for precise shift tracking and management. It also allows for the creation of virtual borders, ensuring that staff are where they should be during their scheduled shifts.
    • Reporting: Generating reports for station operators, including data on fuel sources, logistics costs, service fees, and sales predictions. Customized reports to help management make data-driven decisions, optimize workforce numbers, and address any factors that impair productivity or efficiency.

Distinctive Features

  • Seamless order processing from consignees through the ERP system.
  • Automated creation of sales orders, incorporating distance calculations and pricing rules.
  • Efficient creation of delivery notes, capturing essential details for each fuel delivery trip.
  • Real-time monitoring through a handheld tablet for drivers to record fuel details, time, and any deviations from the plan.
  • Detailed reports for station owners, providing insights into fuel sources, logistics costs, and sales forecasts.