Ultra PRO International LLC (Ultra PRO) is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of top-quality Sports and Gaming Collectibles and Accessories since 1952.

With top tier network of over 150+ distributors across North America, Europe and Asia and into Retail space through online retail stores and marketplaces Ultra PRO‘s brands are recognized for high quality standards and design innovations.

Business-ChallengeChallenges / Objectives

  • On-premise disparate legacy ERP system warranted various business processes to be manual, redundant, time consuming and outdated.
  • Several manual time-consuming activities set limitations for making business decisions and executing required actions.
  • Ultra PRO’s strategic plan to expand in Retail space and Integrate with new age systems was a challenge with the legacy system.
  • UltraPRO was in need of a Cost-Effective Cloud-Based ERP system with a BEST FIT SOLUTION to align with the organization’s strategies and goals.


Due Diligence: Riverstone team thoroughly analyzed Ultra PRO’s business processes, understood business requirements and offered a tailored solution to each of Ultra PRO’s business functions

Modular Approach: Each Business function expressed a unique set of challenges; Our cross functional team designed an effective modular solution which met the needs of each End User, yet offered a fully integrated solution.

Data Migration: The legacy system had several disparate databases which added significant complexity to the overall implementation. Our team developed reusable scripts to automate the data migration to the target system.

Customization: Our team captured the detailed requirement from the end users and delivered customizations that not only met the users’ needs but also offered Best Practices that far exceeded the users’ expectations.

Our Solution included

  • Manufacturing Planning Module (incl. Forecast, MPS and MRP)
  • Product Module: New product development to Procurement process
  • Purchase: Warehouse based procurement planning
  • Strategy: Royalty Contract and Royalty Payment Module
  • Sales: Integration of various Retail and wholesale Sales Channel with ERP and Order Fulfilment Processes
  • Sales Contract & Commission Calculation Automation
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Change Management: Our team provided end-to-end change management including training, how-to videos and documentation; this enabled successful user adoption of the new application

Distinct-FeaturesModules Implemented