WANdisco, plc. is a public software company specialized in the area of distributed computing. WANdisco is also a corporate contributor to Hadoop, Subversion and other open source projects.

Business Challenge

  • To build data processing pipelines that ingest, validate, transform and load data quickly and efficiently
  • To build a system which expose intuitive APIs and interfaces for querying and investigating large data sets
  • To build a system to process data with high peak traffic and short SLAs


To provide Splunk development services to prototype, document and deploy a Splunk log ingest and analysis solution that will include automation of log collection, filters, and a dashboard for per-case management, drill-down, and efficient identification of errors or anomalies via log searching.


Scope Of Work

Key Milestones

  • Designed and built a Network dashboard to provided summary of network issues observed in log
  • Observed REST API connection exception on UI Server
  • Transfer dashboard: Creating a panel on file transfers with file size and transfer duration
  • Included a drilldown to showcase reason behind the exception in transfer
  • Task Executions Dashboard: To summarize and list down all the tasks with task type
  • Repair Dashboard: Created a drill down from failed repairs and co-relate the same with proposal IDs
  • Splunk app for Slack


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